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Short Term Rehabilitation

At Dumont Center, we understand that we are your home away from home and your goal is to return to your active and independent lifestyle as soon as possible.


Long Term Care

At Dumont Center, our dedicated team understand the difficult decision of placing your loved one in a long term care facility, which is why our staff are there to guide…


Memory Care

At Dumont Center, our highly trained and caring staff are there to care for your loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


Ventilator Care

At Dumont Center, our 37 bed respiratory unit boasts the latest technology in respiratory care ensuring that your loved one receives the care he or she needs in a warm…



At Dumont Center, in order for our residents to receive the highest level of care, we provide a variety of services onsite. These health care professionals include Dentists, Ophthalmologists…


Restricted Visitation during Covid-19 Pandemic:


It is the policy of Dumont Center to insure the highest level of psychosocial wellbeing for our residents by allowing safe visitation for our residents with their loved ones.


Please note - A covid swab must be obtained within 7 days of the visit and the negative result must be presented to Dumont prior to the visit. Anyone who comes without a negative swab cannot visit.


  • Visitation will be by appointment only, through the recreation department.
    • 48 hours minimum notice must be given as the clinical team must approve the visit.
  • Visitation will be limited to outdoor areas (weather permitting) except for those residents on the 4th
    • Front of building – For the time being, only the front will be utilized. (For weather issues, visitation will be in the lobby)
    • Families for the 4th floor will be screened at the back door and escorted up on the NORTH elevator to the 4th floor day room.
  • Only 1 family at a time, with up to 2 family members who must be over the age of 18.
  • Visitation will be for 30 minutes maximum
    • Family must arrive timely. If you are late, it will cut into your time.
    • Bathrooms cannot be utilized during visit whether outdoors or indoors. Please ensure you use a restroom prior to arriving to Dumont.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times. This includes guests and residents. Face masks must cover both mouth and nose at all times.
  • 6 feet minimum distance must be kept.
  • Physical contact is not allowed at this time
  • Visitation in care areas or rooms are prohibited at this time
  • Staff will be present to help with transition of residents, monitoring of visitation, and cleaning and disinfecting areas used for visitation after each visit.
  • Guests will be screened for
    • Signs and symptoms of Covid
    • Questioned if they have travelled outside of the Tri State area in the last 2 weeks.
    • First and last name of visitor(s)
    • Physical Address
    • Day and evening phone number
    • Date and time of visit
    • Email Address
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer is provided to the families and the residents prior to and after the visit.
  • Covid positive and those in quarantine are not eligible for visits.
  • If any visitor fails to adhere to the protocol, they will be prohibited from visiting for the duration of the COVID-19 state declared public health emergency
    • Be aware that if rules are not followed, visitation in its entirety may be suspended by the Department of Health.
  • Be aware, that this situation is fluid and any part is subject to change at any time.