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Secure Unit for the Cognitively Impaired

At Dumont Center we aim to relieve the anxieties, for both the resident and the family, that come with the challenges of those with memory impairments. Our secure Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit can provide peace of mind. At Dumont you will achieve quality visits with your loved one and know they are being provided needed medical care, mental stimulation and socialization. You can go home at night knowing that your family member is in an environment that is secure.

To accommodate the increasing numbers of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, Dumont has installed doors and elevators that are alarmed and locked, and Wander Guard systems that may be used for those residents who are mobile. Each resident is evaluated as an individual and our interdisciplinary team develops a plan of care based on their specific medical needs and preferences.

Our team works together with the resident and family. At Dumont we believe that family involvement is a crucial factor in a patient’s well being. We welcome family and visitors between 10 am and 8 pm, as well as family participation at the interdisciplinary care team meetings for their loved one and the quarterly family council meetings.

When appropriate for the patient’s plan of care, we utilize our rail/rehabilitation harness to help them stand and to restore balance for walking. This special equipment eliminates the fear of falling and helps to restore confidence in patients so they can achieve faster progress and results. The harness locks if a resident or patient loses balance or leans forward. It is beneficial for those whose legs shake or are weak to gain self-confidence and strength.

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