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ventilator dependent unit

Our 37 bed Respiratory Unit, including 15 certified Medicaid beds, boasts the latest technology in respiratory care. With state of the art, piped in oxygen, vacuum and medical air, a full supply of backup equipment, we are an ideal provider of ventilator and tracheostomy care to residents. Here at Dumont, we take pride in our highly-trained and experienced team of respiratory therapists who work with each resident to help them maximize their potential and breathe naturally.

Residents, including those suffering from neuromuscular and pulmonary diseases, head traumas or strokes, will benefit from treatment on this unit which is staffed around-the-clock by ventilator care specially trained staff. Residents on this unit are evaluated by the interdisciplinary team- respiratory therapists, physicians, nursing, pulmonologists, dietitians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, social workers, and recreational therapists. Together, using an interdisciplinary approach, a resident care plan is compiled which outlines the goals for each resident based on his or her own needs and wishes. Our goal is to wean residents off of ventilator equipment, whenever possible, and always to provide maximum comfort and quality of life. For some residents this may mean giving them the opportunity to speak or be mobile while still on the ventilator. For others, it may mean weaning them from the ventilator altogether and decreasing their level of care either within or outside of Dumont Center. However, all residents have programming to encourage socialization and interaction with other Dumont residents available for them.

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